Welcome to the selfie stick revolution

With an inbuilt microphone, take your selfie game to the next level. The solocam is designed to capture amazing high definition audio for your videos. You can use the solocam with all modern smartphones.

You can connect the solocam to your smartphone wirelessly through bluetooth and there is no need to carry expensive audio equipment. There is no need for an extra pair of hands. Be a one person professional video crew. Use thid party apps to control the buttons and features that are integrated into the solocam.

The solocam is perfect for vloggers, media personalities, journalists and other performing artists to broadcast live videos to your audience.

How to use the Solocam

Here is what photographers/videographers are saying about the solocam. We sent a few review units out in the wild and we are getting great feedback. Here is what the professionals are saying:

Hi, my name is Erica Montley and I am a photographer from the bay area. While most of my work is still images, I do dabble is some video work. Most of my kit includes cameras I already own and I use the Rode's vloggers kit when I want to record videos. As good as the rode stuff is, it is still difficult to manage in the field. There is too many wires and batteries to maintain. I am a solo artist and work by myself. I do not have a team of cameramen to do the recording for me.

After years of photography work, I first heard of the solocam last year just after I had won the World Photography Award and I had started to do more video work in addition to my usual photography shoots. Realizing that I did not have to use my Mirrorless cameras to record videos, I was intrigued that I could use my smartphone to capture video and amazing sound. The solocam enables me to use my smartphone as a one person video creator without any hassle and complicated setups. The hardest part of making good videos is not the visuals. It is capturing great sound and the closer the microphone is to the subject, the better it is for making great videos. Smartphone cameras are good enough to capture pictures and videos that will go on social media.

I have been using the solocam to make great videos in addition to the images I already capture. Althought it is marketed as a selfie stick, think of it as more of a moving tripod where the microphone stays in front of you at all times. It also means that you can keep your DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras for your photography and quickly use your smartphone for making videos without disrupting your setup. The audio quality captured by the bluetooth mic is very good and the App makes it a breeze to press the record/capture buttons. I would gladly recommend this if you want to make easy videos with great sound quality.

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