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Drone as a Christmas 2020 present: Which is the best choice?

Drone as a Christmas 2020 present: Which is the best choice?

I always get many questions from readers before Christmas. Usually the question is which is the best drone in a certain price range or how to find a certain copter. I’ll be happy to take the time to answer your questions in the future, but in this article I’d like to give a compact account of what’s important when buying a drone for Christmas 2018.

In addition, I present the price-performance winners and, if possible, Christmas bargains and deals.

You already know what you want to spend?

Just toys, please. Copter for less than 50 Euro

Speed and take small pictures! Drones for up to 100 Euro
Start into the hobby would be nice. But also less than 300 Euro.
Selfies must be in there already! Drones for up to 600 Euro.
Only the best for holidays and Co! High-end drones from 600 Euro.
You’re not sure which drone it should be? No problem!

What you get for the money

Low Budget
(max 50€)
useless camera

no FPV

Speed & flying fun

5-12 MP


First Selfie Modes

Highend & Professional
(from 600€)
12-20 MP, FullHD – 4K

high-resolution FPV

The following 5 questions will help you to get a good picture about your possibilities. Whether you are a beginner, interested in technology or a photo fan – there is something for everyone.

The drone as a Christmas present: 5 important questions

With or without camera?

The first question you have to ask yourself when buying a copter is whether it should be a drone with a camera. Most modern drones have an onboard camera that either looks forward at a fixed, rigid angle or can be swivelled flexibly using a gimbal (camera mount). Also numerous mini drones carry a small, mostly very low resolution camera.

The drone camera does not only give the pilot the possibility to see the world from a bird’s eye view, but also some additional weight (less flying time, slower flight behaviour) and a certain surcharge.

The following pictures were taken at the end of December 2017 with the DJI Mavic Pro and at the end of 2018 with the DJI Mavic Air.

Comrade drones for beautiful winter aerial photos

Winter landscape recorded with drone

Scampering or filming?

This problem is followed by the second question, namely that of use: Should the drone bought as a Christmas present only be used for scampering around or actually be able to create photos and videos? I’m a big fan of both camps myself, I like to heat with small agile drones through house and garden, but I also appreciate the video resolution of the big drones, like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 or the DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

Since drones are often given away as fun copter at Christmas, I also recommend some speedsters for home that are really fun to fly.

Christmas present for children or adults?

Since not only children are given presents for Christmas (thank God!) and many wives and girlfriends buy drones for their partners, the question must be asked for whom the drone is purchased. Many small and large multicopters rely on apps, smartphones and additional technology that make flying more intuitive and interactive. This can easily become too complicated and extensive for children.

In addition, you should make sure that the copter is adapted to the children’s sense of responsibility when it is lying under the Christmas tree as a Christmas present. In other words: Better light weight, lower range and soft propellers. This considerably reduces the risk of injury and damage and makes the Copter what it really should be with children: toys.

Beginners or advanced?

The penultimate and not inconsiderable question depends on the level of knowledge of the pilots: Is the gift intended for someone who has ever flown a drone? Has the recipient already had experience with such a technique or is he technically interested? If not, you should buy a drone that gently introduces the pilot to the world of copter flight and supports him with assistant modes. Otherwise, a fatal crash just a few days after Christmas could bring an abrupt end.

To prevent this from happening, drones are also listed here that are suitable for beginners and advanced riders.

The price: How expensive should the Christmas present be?

The last and perhaps most important question for many is the budget available for the Christmas gift. Usually, 50 Euro (children) or 100 Euro (men) is the end of the line, but don’t worry: even with this budget, which is somewhat low for good drones, you can find nice gift bargains.

One of these bargains is for example the Ryze Tello, a drone controlled by a smartphone with height position, obstacle detection and 5 MP camera. With a price below 100 Euros one would not have been able to buy such a technological miracle a few years ago. Ideal for Christmas shopping!

The best drones for Christmas 2020 by price range:

Up to 50 Euro

Drones under 20 Euro in test & comparison
Low-budget toy drones up to 50 Euro

You can expect that from a 50-euro drone:

5 minutes flight time

20 meter range

no camera

The best drone available at Christmas 2018 for less than 50 Euros is the HS170 Quadrocopter for 30 Euros*.

Up to 100 Euro

The price range between 50 and 100 euros is the bread-and-butter segment for beginner drones. Here you have the best price-performance ratio, especially when it comes to a (cheap) Christmas present.

Best drone under 100 Euro: DJI Ryze Tello
For me 2018 the best mini drone under 100 Euro: Ryze Tello.

You can expect that from a 100 Euro drone:

5 minutes flight time

50 meter range

3 MP camera, 720p video

very good: stable FPV

very good: good smartphone app

no camera

Up to 100 Euro the Ryze Tello is the drone of the hour and my candidate for the best low budget drone 2018. To the Ryze Tello test.

Up to 300 Euro

If you want to spend more than 200 Euro for a Quadrocopter at Christmas 2018, you can already look a little bit at the Selfie drones. Two or three years ago this was still utopia! These copter have not only first approaches of stable positioning (GPS, GLONASS) but also intelligent flight modes, with which Selfie videos and photos are possible. As a Christmas present, these drones invite you to test them in front of the door, of course with the hope that Christmas Eve 2018 will finally bring snow again.

UPair One Drone: Cheap 4K Quadrocopter
For me 2018 the best mini drone under 100 Euro: Ryze Tello.

You can expect that from a 300 Euro drone:

15 minutes flight time

300 meter range

8 MP camera, 2,7k video

stable FPV

good smartphone app


Good examples of this price class in 2018 are the UPair One with a 2.7K camera for 289 Euro* or the HS700 for GoPro owners for 300 Euro*.

Up to 600 Euro

Between 300 and 600 Euros Multicopters have nothing in common with cheap toys. The components are high-quality, nothing wobbles, the camera is either FullHD or even 4K and single photos have a resolution that can really be worked with. The Parrot Anafi or the DJI Spark, introduced in summer 2018, are the top candidates for Christmas.

Parrot Anafi drone

Foldable, 4K, Selfie modes, Made in France: The Parrot Anafi

You can expect that from a 600-euro drone:

15-20 minutes flight time

500-2000 meters Range

12 MP camera, 2,7k video

FPV in 720p over long distances in a good smartphone app

Mature flight modes (Selfie, Follow, Orbit,…)

very good would be: 12+ MP, 4K Video

very good would be: foldable drone (if desired)

Within this price range the Parrot Anafi is interesting. I myself have always appreciated the Multicopter of the French manufacturer for its high quality. Below the expensive DJI drones, the Anafi is probably the best 2018 drone on the market. See the Parrot Anafi on Amazon*

From 600 Euro

Anyone who wants to spend over 600 euros on a drone at Christmas can pick the crème de la crème. Exciting autonomous flight manoeuvres are just as much a part of the repertoire as precise positioning, ranges beyond 5 km and flight times of over 20 minutes. The best drones have cameras that record 4K HDR videos and take single photos with 20 MP.

DJI Mavic Air test report on the new drone
DJI Mavic Pro & DJI Mavic Air in test.

Mavic 2 Pro Test
Best drone 2018: DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

That’s what you can expect from a top drone:

25 minutes flight time

5km range

12-20 MP camera with 4k video

High-resolution FPV experience

Many sophisticated flight modes (Selfie, Follow, Orbit,…)

very good would be: 12+ MP, 4K Video

foldable design

Two of these models are the DJI Mavic Pro 1 and the DJI Mavic Air. Both are already 1-2 years old and therefore wonderfully reduced in price. I own both Pro and Air and presented them in a drone comparison. Christmas 2018 they are my absolute buying tip for high-end drones. If you don’t know a price limit, you should take a courageous look at the new version, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom. However, both models are beyond the 1000 Euro mark.

Oldies but Goldies: Reduced bargains 2018
Christmas is a very interesting period for bargain hunters and price foxes: On the one hand, brands and resellers want to sell their products before the end of the year and make room for the new goods. On the other hand, Christmas is after Black Friday and its mega deals.

Conclusions and recommendations

In view of the many different copter models that are currently available, I would like to reduce to two models: On the one hand, there’s the inexpensive Ryze Tello, which implements many features of high-quality drones – in a slimmed-down version but still significantly better than other copters in its price range. The second recommendation is the DJI Mavic Pro, which is a foldable drone with everything you could wish for for aerial photography on vacation and in everyday life.

As a final word I would like to refer to the conclusion of an insurance as well as the mounting of a drone badge. Both are obligatory for models with a take-off weight of 250 grams or more (i.e. almost everything from 300 Euro) and can be obtained very cheaply and uncomplicatedly. Alternative: Good drones under 250 grams.

For high-end drones it is also recommended to take a look at necessary accessories or good SD cards. If you have any questions, please contact me at and I will be happy to help you.

I wish you a Merry Christmas 2018, a Happy New Year and lots of fun giving presents!

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