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Best Drones Under $50 – Review 2020

Best Drones Under $50 – Review 2020

If you want to buy a cheap beginner quadrocopter, you can choose from several models of different drone manufacturers. From Hubsan to Revell there are mini drones for sale, which cost no more than 50 euros and are ideal as a gift or entry into model flying.

Which mini drone up to 50 euro cuts off altogether best:

Mini drone as ideal gift

If you are looking for a gift for around 30-50 euros, a mini drone is the perfect choice. Since all Quadrocopter presented here are delivered ready to fly, you can fly directly after unpacking the drone. Thus favorable drones are also on celebrations an amusing affair and also in the office verifiably a source of recurring silliness 🙂

Fast, sporty, funky: The best drones up to 50 Euro
Fun drones

  • Tello Iron Man Edition Tello Iron Man Edition 9.2
  • Holy Stone HS170 Holy Stone HS170 8.8
  • Parrot Mambo Parrot Mambo 8.7

The Quadrocopter presented here are all very sporty and have a very direct, sporty control. This allows – partly automatically – flips to be carried out. At the push of a button the mini drone flies loops, whereby this is not the main task of the drone. Nevertheless, the flip function with the mini drone conveys up to 50 euros of pure flying fun!

Mini drone up to 50 Euro: Perfect for beginners

High-quality quadrocopters from 100 Euro are expensive on the one hand, on the other hand they require a certain amount of experience, which is why they are only conditionally suitable as beginner drones. This gap is filled by the mini drone up to 50 euros, which provides everyone with inexpensive and fun leisure fun. Those who are more deeply involved with drones will then have a good basis on which to build with better models. These should then be a drone with a camera through which you can see the world from a bird’s eye view and take interesting videos and photos.

Rugged construction of the mini drone also withstands crashes

A mini drone usually weighs only a few grams and, thanks to its robust construction, cannot be seriously damaged by crashes against the wall or other obstacles. This is ideal for beginners, since the first flight attempts inevitably lead to crashes of the quadrocopter. If you then have a mini drone that can withstand these unwelcome encounters, you have made a good purchase. For this reason, special emphasis is placed on the robustness of the 50 Euro drone when comparing the drones.

The majority of the quadrocopters presented here come with additional spare rotors. These can then simply be attached to the drone in the event of damage.

Cheap mini drones with camera

  • Ryze/DJI Tello Ryze/DJI Tello 9.3
  • Tello Iron Man Edition Tello Iron Man Edition 9.2
  • Holy Stone HS160 Holy Stone HS160 8.4

Cheap fun drones under 50 euros usually have no camera. That’s not too bad, because cheap cameras don’t offer a resolution that can do anything. Moreover: A simple onboard camera weighs 5-15 grams. This may not sound like much, but in relation to the total weight (usually hardly more than 40 grams for fun drones under 50 Euros) it’s quite a chunk that has to be transported in addition. This makes the drone slower and slower.

If you’d rather take your first pictures from the air and therefore look for a mini drone with camera, you can find the best copter under 100 Euros here.

In case of damage there are cheap spare parts available

Should an axle break or a motor be defective, spare parts are available for a few euros. This allows the drone to be repaired very cheaply by yourself, for which there are numerous instructions on the Internet. These are however usually not necessary, since a repair with a cheap Quadrocopter is simple as self-explanatory.

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