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Best drones under $100 – Edition 2020

Best drones under $100 – Edition 2020

Those who are looking for a cheap quadrocopter will sooner or later wonder which is the best drone under 100 euros. Many people set themselves 100 euros as the highest mark and also many manufacturers offer cheap models in this price range.

In comparison to real camera drones one has to accept some compromises of course, especially in the area of camera and navigation, but nevertheless there are also bright spots in this low-budget segment. In this price guide you can find out what these are and which are the best drones under 100 Euros.

What is good about 100 Euros – and what is bad?

not good
0.3 megapixels

bad apps

“HD-Video” as FPV

Copies of known drones


solid workmanship

If camera, then 2 MP+

20 meter range

stable flight

very good
2-5 megapixels

automatic height maintenance

30 meter range

stable FPV with sufficient FPS

Most cheap drones are more children’s toys than real flying camera. This ratio changes in my opinion only from 300 Euro. However, children’s toys are not meant to be negative, as adults can also have a lot of fun running around with the small drones. Note: My favourite drone is neither the DJI Mavic Pro, the Mavic Air, nor the Phantom 4 – it is a drone from just this category under 100 euros: The Blade Nano QX, to which we will come at the presentation of the best drones yet.

The best mini drones with camera

Ryze/DJI Tello 9.3
Tello Iron Man Edition 9.2
Holy Stone HS160 8.4

Even though some quadrocopters, such as the Syma X5C Explorer, do carry a camera, it is not suitable for high-quality aerial photography. For beginners and a first start into a hobby and the one or other photo / video from the bird’s eye view these drones are enough.

5 good drones up to 100 Euro in detail


Flight test of the JJRC H36
JJRC H36 in flight test: The 20 Euro Copter is a good one.

Flight time: 4-5 minutes

Range: 20 meters

Camera: None

Charging time: 20-30 minutes

Scope of delivery: RTF

Price: 20 Euro

The JJRC H36 is the cheapest drone I’d like to recommend for beginners and hobby pilots. It offers everything you need for flying in your home or garden: small dimensions, jagged acceleration and a robust design that forgives one or two crashes. For a price of about 20 Euro there is of course no camera installed, which is also good in the class of nanodrones, as this would only mean additional weight (and thus a reduced range/flight time).

Hubsan X4 H107D

FPV image on radio with Hubsan X4 screen
Hubsan X4 H107D: Mini drone with FPV screen.

Flight time: 7 minutes

Range: 80 meters

Camera: 2 Megapixel

Charging time: 40 minutes

Scope of delivery: RTF

Price: 40 Euro

Already some years old, the Hubsan X4 H107 is still a real Goldie. No matter which version you choose, whether without or with camera, whether 0.3 or 2 megapixels, the Hubsan X4 has its trailers worldwide and is one of the best drones in the price range up to 50 euros.
What I learned to appreciate while flying is the robust construction (it was one of my first drones and I flew indoor). Smaller crashes are no problem.
Plus: From replacement batteries to propellers: there are many suitable accessories for the Hubsan.

Blade Nano QX

Blade Nano QX tested as BNF version
One of the best drones without camera: The Blade Nano QX for roughly 80 Euro.

Flight time: 7 minutes

Range: 60 meters

Camera: none

Charging time: 20-30 minutes

Scope of delivery: RTF or BNF

Price: 60-80 Euro

The Blade Nano QX is as already mentioned my absolute favourite drone. Why? Because it is incredibly agile, fast and lively. With its 18 grams “weight” and its high-performance motors, the Blade Nano QX is a real bolide, which should be best powered out in the garden or park. It doesn’t carry a camera, which is a good thing, because it’s only an annoying weight.
So if you want to buy a drone for less than 100 Euro and attach particular importance to flight performance and flying fun, you should definitely take a look at the Nano QX. This is available as BNF (Bind and Fly) and RTF (Ready to Fly) version, whereby only the RTF version comes with a remote control.

Syma X5C Explorer

Syma X5HW test of the 2016 drone
Drone with 3.6 MP for around 80 euros: Syma X5C Explorer.

Flight time: 6-8 minutes

Range: 80 meters

Camera: 3.6 megapixels

Charging time: 60-80 minutes

Scope of delivery: RTF or BNF

Price: 80 Euro

The Syma X5C Explorer is the Amazon bestseller for drones under 100 Euros and has been for years. The Explorer version is an extension of the X5C, which took the world of inexpensive entry-level drones by storm 3-4 years ago.

The white Copter has a nice flight behaviour, which should also appeal to beginners. Due to its size (31.5 x 31.5 x 7.5 cm), the drone is of course relatively susceptible to wind, which did not turn out to be an all-too-large disadvantage in my test flights – after all, all (price-related) lightweights struggle with this problem.

Another plus point: a 3.6 megapixel camera with which you can take nice pictures.

A negative aspect of the Syma X5C Explorer is the charging time for the 600 mAh battery: About 60-80 minutes should be planned. Against too long pit stops only additional accumulators help, which cost 12€ in the 4er package with 4gang Charger.

Ryze Tello: The best drone under 100 euros!

Best drone under 100 Euro: DJI Ryze Tello
2019 the best you can buy under 100 Euro: Ryze Tello Mini-Copter

Flight time: 8 minutes

Range: 50 meters

Camera: 5 Megapixel

Charging time: 80 minutes

Scope of delivery: RTF or BNF

Price: 100 Euro

Since the release of the Ryze Tello in April 2018, the race for the best drone under 100 Euros has probably been rekindled. For those who don’t know anything about the small quadrocopter yet: 5 megapixel camera, small selfie modes, app control (or controller that you still have to buy) and VPS set the bar very high for all other drones in this price class.
If you want to know more about the Ryze Tello and the commitment of DJI and Intel in the development of the drone, you should have a look at the introduction with all Techs & Specs and read the test report of this drone for about 100 Euro.

Conclusion: Which drone to buy under 100 euros?

Which copter you choose in this price range depends largely on the purpose: If you want to fly around your home or garden as cheaply as possible in good weather, you should choose the JJRC H36. The Blade Nano QX, which is also cameraless, is a must for all those who prefer to buy something of higher quality. If you want to take aerial photos, there is no way around the Syma X5C Explorer and of course the Ryze Tello in this price range.

Because of the great app control, selfie modes and the modern setup I recommend the Ryze Tello. For about 100 € one of the best drones with camera in the low budget range.

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