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Best drones for children 2020 – Kids Drones Reviews

Best drones for children 2020 – Kids Drones Reviews

Since technical toys are a hot commodity for young and old alike and it is indeed a lot of fun to fly around with a quadrocopter, many parents ask themselves which drone is suitable for children. In recent years I have received numerous inquiries in this regard and have therefore decided to include the topic of a possible suitability of drones for children.

Getting into the small world with the little ones

For a long time I have defended myself against declaring Multicopter as a recommendable gift for children, because the risk of injury seemed too great and the maturity to be assumed seemed too small. Since increasing age, however, is not necessarily associated with increasing mental maturity and many model aviation enthusiasts have already started flying as a child, it is quite possible to discuss whether there are drones that are suitable for children in adolescence.

This is what one can expect
Low Budget
(max 20€)
no camera

4 minutes flight time

10 meter range

z. B. JJRC H36

middle class
0.3-2 MP camera

5-7 minutes flight time

20 meter range

z. B. Holy Stone HS170

Good copter
3-5 MP camera

8+ minutes flight time

50+ meters range

z. B. Ryze/DJI Tello

The age plays an important role: There is only one recommendation (14+) and no legal regulation when you can fly a drone. According to the 2017 ordinance, this applies to all models with a take-off weight of less than 2 kilograms. Since toy drones usually do not weigh 200 grams (and therefore do not even require a marking), children are allowed to fly drones. Everyone must decide for themselves whether they should.

Best drone under 100 euros: DJI Ryze Tello
Flight time: 13 minutes

Range: 50 meters

Camera: 5 Megapixel

Selfie Modes

Protective frame: Yes, clipped on

The first and for me best mini-drone 2019 is the Ryze Tello. In cooperation with DJI and Intel, a gem has been created that can be controlled very well via smartphone despite its low price and can take decent pictures. This is ensured by a 5 megapixel camera that delivers a resolution that is unique in this price class! Equipped with some funny flight modes, the Ryze Tello is definitely a hot contender for the title of the best drone for children.

High flying time

Very safe and comfortable flying

Soft plastic propeller plus protective frame

Very good support thanks to VPS height maintenance

Super camera for photos and videos

Self-programming possible

Plus point: The so-called Tello SDK program allows you to intervene in the control and programming of the drone yourself. Ideal for beginners and hobby coders!

Approximately 13 minutes flight time speak for themselves as well as WIFI-based live images on the smartphone display. A VPS (Video Positioning System) supplied by DJI ensures the best flight stability of the drones shown here.

Blade Nano QX

Blade Nano QX tested as BNF version
Flight time: 8 minutes

Range: 50-100 meters

Camera: –

Selfie modes: –

Protective frame: Yes

As one of my favourite drones, which I have also reported on in this test, the Blade Nano QX must definitely be included in the list of the best drones for children. Why? With this agile mini drone, performance meets high-quality manufacturing with sophisticated features. Not only the automatic height maintenance assistance is addressed here, but also the soft protective frame around the propellers. By the way, everything works so well that you can easily perform tricks and starts from the litter with the Blade Nano. Only 18 grams take-off weight results in a good 7-8 minutes flight time, but no camera is built in.
This small quadrocopter is absolutely recommendable for children as an indoor and outdoor drone.

High manufacturing quality

Very safe and agile flying

Soft plastic propeller plus protective frame

Very good support thanks to height support

Only 18 grams light

Parrot Mambo

Parrot Mambo Test: Mini Quadrocopter Test Report
Flight time: 6-8 minutes

Range: 50-100 meters

Camera: 0.3 MP

Protective frame: Yes, clipped on

Cool: Cannon & Gripper

Also the next drone for children is from the category “Noble for the little ones” and comes from the French manufacturer Parrot. The latter is actually known for its large UAV, but also uses the know-how for mini drones such as the Parrot Mambo, Swing or the well-known drone with camera Bebop. The latter is because of the size and price rather nothing for children.

But back to the Mambo, because this little speedster has it really thick behind his ears! Instead of a camera, the Quadrocopter has either a cannon or a gripper arm. How well this works and how well the model flies I explained in this Parrot Mambo test.

The control itself is done by app via the smartphone or tablet, if you want to manoeuvre via remote control, you have to buy the Parrot Flypad. Thanks to the app, ultrasonic sensors and cannon, the Parrot Mambo is an insider tip as a drone for children who like to sound out limits 😉

Funny concept with cannon and gripper arm

Ultrasonic sensors for height maintenance

Very clean flying

High quality of flight behaviour and materials

Control via app works well

Syma X5C Explorer

All-rounder for beginners and beginners
Flight time: 6-8 minutes

Range: 50-100 meters

Camera: 3.6 MP

Protective frame: Yes, clipped on

This transition from rascals to hobby film-makers could be called this transition, because the Syma X5C is a robust workhorse and has already introduced many a beginner to the world of drones. A large scope of delivery, a solid price-performance ratio and 2 megapixels make this drone with camera interesting for children. The picture quality isn’t really HD, but it’s enough to get you started. You can fly non-stop for around 8 minutes, and you should allow 45 minutes for charging. As with all larger models, the propellers are made of hard plastic and are a real risk of injury for children. For this reason one should pay attention to the age restriction and the protective frame.

Drone with camera

Large scope of delivery

Good introduction to model flying

Price in order

Holy Stone HS170

Buy Holy Stone HS170 drone
Flight time: 8 minutes

Range: 50 meters

Camera: –

Protective frame: Yes, clipped on

The Holy Stone HS170 is a newer and above all smaller copter than the old Syma X5C. The mini drone measures about a hand span and has no camera, but a nimble flight. You can let off steam for 8 minutes with the flying model and perform flips triggered by RC spark.

The Holy Stone HS170 is one of the best drones for getting started with model flying and floating through house and garden. Small enough to be manoeuvred through any bottleneck, but big enough not to be carried away by the wind.

Good drone for learning to fly

Beautiful, quiet flight

ideal for indoor & outdoor

reasonable price

Syma X11C

New drone from Syma: X11C
Flight time: 5-7 minutes

Range: 30 meters

Camera: 2 MP

Protective frame: Yes, clipped on

It has not only been known since the X5C that Syma manufactures mass-produced drones. With the Syma X11C mini quadrocopter (the C stands for Camera) there is another model on the market that is well suited as a drone for children. The 2 MP camera, which can take both videos and single pictures, and the enclosed 4 GB SD card are particularly worth mentioning here. A protective frame shields the sensitive propellers (and especially children’s hands). Approximately 5-7 minutes flight time are possible, whereby one can steer this drone up to 100 meters far.

Solid protective frame

2 MP Camera (Video & Photo)

4 GB SD card

Flight time 5-7 minutes

Syma X11C

Mini Quadrocopter Cheerson CX-10C
Flight time: 5-7 minutes

Range: 20 meters

Camera: 0.3 MP

Protective frame: Yes, clipped on

Similarly small as the Revell Quadrocopter but equipped with a camera is the Cheerson CX-10C. With just 0.3 megapixels, the camera is of course not suitable for large-scale shots, but it’s enough for the fun in between. Due to its small dimensions, the CX-10C is ideal for indoor flights and can stay in the air for about 5-7 minutes. In the test I could confirm the 20 meter range, but you shouldn’t fly the drone any further – you simply can’t see it anymore. An SD card is unfortunately not included. But it is definitely suitable as a drone with a camera for children.

Small and agile

Low price

small camera

Ideal for indoor flights

Syma X4 H107C+

New from Hubsan: X4 H107C+
Flight time: 7 minutes

Range: 100 meters

Camera: 2 MP

Protective frame: Yes, clipped on

The Hubsan X4 H107C+ is a new edition of a classic. This new model is based on the successful Hubsan X4 H107 series and has not only got a new chic design, but also a better camera. It can deliver 2 megapixels with 720p, while the drone can stay in the air for up to 7 minutes. In the test of the H107 I could control the Copter at that time about 80 meters surely, why I look at the 150 meters range here skeptically. But this should not be exhausted especially with drones for children and always pay attention to safety.

A flight time of about 7 minutes can be achieved, whereas a battery has to be connected to the current for about 40 minutes in order to be full again.
Features such as clean flight behaviour, automatic altitude control and powerful LEDs make the H107C+ also suitable for outdoor flights.

Based on the successful Hubsan X4 H107 series

Chic design

Good quality

height maintenance


good for indoor & outdoor


Best drone for children who want to film
Flight time: 8 minutes

Range: 100 meters

Camera: 2 MP

Protective frame: Yes, clipped on

The UDI U818 HD is one of the most popular entry-level models of recent years. Like all quadrocopters listed here, it is RTF (ready to fly) and can be flown immediately after unpacking, whereby one should as always only make sure to have batteries ready for the remote control. These are never included in the delivery…

The UDI U818 HD is – the HD already suggests it – a drone with camera. Whether 2 megapixels are already HD can be discussed with certainty. There is no question, however, that the drone can be flown very well and stably and, in comparison to small mini drones, also gets along well in the outdoor area. This is ensured by headless mode and return function, whereby the Quadrocopter can fly up to 100 meters.
As a drone for children perhaps a bit too big, but a good start into model flying with option for aerial photography.

Very popular drone for beginners and beginners

Naturally RTF

Drone with camera

Headless mode, return function

Good flight time

High range

JXD 509G

Outdoor drone for children: JXD 509G
Flight time: 10 minutes

Range: 100 meters

Camera: 2 MP

Protective frame: Yes, clipped on

The title of the coolest design here goes to the JXD 509G, although of course that wouldn’t be correct – after all, the look is “very similar” to that of the more expensive Yuneec Q500. As one of the largest drones mentioned here, the JXD 509G features automated treble, headless mode and return, making it easy for beginners to master. The robust plastic chassis can withstand even smaller crashes, which can be further dampened by an enclosed protective frame.

The camera mounted underneath can take pictures at 2 MP and transmit them via FPV. A nice function for children who like to work with smartphones, which I rarely found convincing in numerous tests.
Approximately 10 minutes flight time are included, with a range of 100 meters.

Super cool design

Clone to the Yuneec Q500

Quite large in comparison

Supporting Functions, Altitude Holding

High-quality plastic chassis that survives even smaller crashes well

Drone with camera & FPV

High range & flight time

Hubsan X4 H107

Best drone for children: Hubsan X4
Flight time: 5-7 minutes

Range: 70 meters

Camera: 0.3 MP

Protective frame: Yes, clipped on

For me, the best drone for children is either the Blade Nano QX, the Parrot Mambo, the Ryze Tello or the Hubsan X4, which is regarded as an absolute classic and has taught some of today’s drone pilots how to fly.

I personally liked the Hubsan X4 especially because of its robustness and I tested it in my early days up to the limits and beyond. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flights and can transmit live video via FPV. Although only 0.3 MP is displayed, it looks better than the competition.
The Hubsan X4 can stay in the air for about 5-7 minutes and can be controlled for about 70 meters.


Reliable manufacturer, high quality

Market inexpensive entry-level drones such as high-quality drones with camera

Ideal for indoor and garden flights

Small Camera

FPV Live Image

Conclusions & Recommendations

Should children be given a drone? There are good reasons for this and against why everyone should think for themselves whether it should actually be an aircraft. If you choose to do so, I strongly emphasise the need for drone insurance, as private liability insurance does not cover accidents.
I have flown all the drones presented here myself and have therefore had a good picture of the market. If you are satisfied with the presentation, I am of course happy about Likes on Facebook and Instagram (links on the right side). If you have any questions, you can send them to me via the contact form.

Short and crisp:

Which is the best drone with camera for children: Ryze Tello

Which is the best fun drone for children: Parrot Mambo

Which are the best drones for children to learn to fly: Blade Nano QX, Holy Stone HS170

Reduce danger, promote technical interest

After reviewing the above overview and details, you can be sure what makes a good drone for children and why, for example, the Revell Quadrocopter, which is suitable as a “starter” drone for children. With this one can develop fun at the model flight and the technology, without putting oneself and the environment in danger. The small Quadrocopter weighs hardly more than a muesli bar, has the dimensions of a 2-Euro piece and propeller from soft plastic. The danger of injury is reduced to an absolute minimum with such a mini drone and thanks to the limited range of maximum 20 meters not much mischief can be done. Nevertheless, the Quadrocopter can be used to fly through house and garden and learn how a Multicopter behaves in different situations, which is a basic requirement for the controllers of larger drones with camera.

Similar to the Revell Quadrocopter, the Blade Nano QX is also a child-friendly drone and scores with super flight performance and a good protective frame. I have described it in a detailed test report and fly it myself as often as I can! You can find this and other reviews in the article Drohnen Test 2019.

Remark: Before you buy a drone the size of a shoe box for a junior, with which you can also film thanks to the built-in camera, you should have basic knowledge about the control of such drones. Following the age recommendation, one could think about models like the Syma X5C from the age of 14. Such a drone with camera can fly longer and further and is priced between 50 and 100 Euros. However, the increase in flight speed, weight and thus the risk of injury and accident must be taken into account.

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